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Choose Love Not Hate

Nothing new here, guys. This message is something I have been lecturing on and writing about for some time now. Do enjoy. Choose love. And be safe.

The following excerpt is taken from my seminal work: “Choose Love Not Hate.” You can get your copy here: Amazon

Choose Love Not Hate - 3D

Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will
change for the better . . . and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed—the ecological, social, demographic, or general breakdown of civilization—will be unavoidable.

The state of human affairs appears to have reached a tipping point. Many consider
this paradigm shift or global awakening to be a battle for humanity’s soul. Humanity is at a crossroads, and the manner by which we move through this challenging period in history will determine our future.

The stark reality is, we cannot continue to ignore the devastating effects our indifference has had on our collective psyche. We can no longer afford to remain unresponsive to others’ suffering.

To do nothing in the face of glaring injustices is to condone intolerance. The violation of one person’s civil rights is a violation of every person’s civil rights. I am responsible for you as you are responsible for me.

So, where do we go from here? Changing our collective mindset begins with adopting a heart-based way of living. A heart-based way of living (and being) means to imagine a world you would want your children to live in and enjoy. Imagine a place where your children and their children can live without worrying about hate, indifference, and violence.

Our worst moments should not define the strength of humanity’s existence. We are not powerless victims subjected to an inevitable reality. We are not prisoners of our shameful history of shortcomings. There is no inevitability to our future. No one has written our destinies for us.

Ultimately, we are in this together, and whatever one of us does, affects the other. 





One thought on “Choose Love Not Hate

  1. It’s a telling sign of everything that has been happening as it were back to back. A global pandemic that sheds the thin covering from over a greedy capitalistic society to expose its animosity towards its nations’ poor. Then the deaths of more innocent African Americans at the hands of police officers not fit to wear a badge and protect the communities they were sworn to protect, which then leads to series of protests both violent and nonviolent.

    These times are placing the problems our nation has always faced but went largely ignored. I agree with you when you say, “Our worst moments should not define the strength of humanity’s existence.” We can either rise up to the challenge, finally; of truly showing the world what a great nation we have the potential to be, or we can fail and succumb to the delusion of greedy and backward politicians.

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