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The Idea of Becoming

Hello everyone and Happy August.

The idea of becoming begins with the idea of unbecoming….unbecoming what you think (one’s sense of self) and who you are (one’s values)–shifting from that old paradigm to a new paradigm. Often, we envision what we would like our lives to be and what we want to accomplish, but we do not stop to assess what we need to unbecome in order to grow into our mind’s greatest and noblest desires.

On the way to becoming the most fulfilled version of self, there are deeply limiting and toxic belief systems about our selves and the world we ought to unlearn. There are old habits we must abandon.

Clinging to old patterns of thinking, behaving, and being while trying to become, while trying to embrace the new, is liken (indirectly) to Sisyphus, a figure from Greek mythology whose punishment (by the god Zeus) is to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity.

Many of our dreams and desires are delayed, abandoned, or die prematurely because the soil (our minds) in which they are planted is overcrowded. And if you know anything about gardening, you would know that plant overcrowding forces plants to compete for soil nutrients and starve them of nitrogen, which is necessary for growth and sustainability.

Likewise, the human mind struggles to understand nonlinear relationships. That is, attending to both negative and positive thoughts or experiences reduces the value, potency, and promise that should be placed on building and exploring new ideas, habits, opportunities, and relationships.

In order to build a stable life foundation and forge new paths and new experiences, it necessitates embracing the freedom that comes with…

Developing and Cultivating Your Own Inner Strength
  • This means choosing authentic and positive self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness while traversing the pains and joys of growth.
Reevaluating Your Social Circle
  • Develop and maintain good relationships. Surround yourself with people whose values and goals resonate with love for self and love for others.
Increasing Your Emotional IQ
  • Communicate clearly. Manage conflicts in an agreeable manner. Work to inspire and influence those within your concentric circle to honor each other’s humanity.

6 thoughts on “The Idea of Becoming

  1. Perfectly written and so true. I’m order to become who we are always meant to be we have to unlearn and she’s social conditioning and beliefs, outdated programs and values we’ve been taught that might have fit others but not ourselves. It takes courage and it a journey of loss and gain but the only way if you truly want to be free and and not a prisoner to these rules. 🙏🏼

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      1. Thank you so much, it means a lot. Despite all the predictive text errors my program seems to throw in these days, leaving my sentences with little sense of their original meaning.
        So glad you understood though and it takes one who has walked that path to do. Please do the same and never stop going against the grain. It’s hard, but as you know great rewards await there. Namaste 🙏🏼

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    1. Anne, thank you. I’d say that although much has change, there still remains much of the same. I did a Google image search of the word “unbecoming” and the first several images depicted women having to write books and memoirs to either explain or defend their humanity. The fact that the search yielded those results reinforces my original premise that we all have a bit more unbecoming to experience.

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