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About the Book

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to bring you this collection of original love quotes. This book, which is about love, is my attempt to recapture love in its most beautiful, intimate, and vulnerable moments through the lens of the other.

The genesis of this book stems from my feelings about loss––the fragility of life. Like many others, I do not fancy death and prefer not to be preoccupied with thoughts of my own mortality.

Notwithstanding, throughout the writing of this book, I concluded that the power of love is inextricably tied to the impermanence of our human existence. That is, to love, one must first be willing to sit in the same room with loss and become one with everything loss represents.

Although it goes without saying that trying to make sense of loss is easier said than done, the key is not to merely accept loss for loss’ sake. The presenting idea is to contextualize both loss and love as two aspects of related constructs––two sides of the same coin. 

I believe it is only by accepting and appreciating our mortality can we begin to understand the universal nature and essence of love. Our openness to loss and life waters the seed of love and allows love to germinate, grow, and emerge in its fullness.      

Since the dawn of humanity, love, in its varied forms, is what we long for, search for, live for—and sometimes die for. That is the mystery and beauty of love. It is manifested at every level of the cosmos and consciousness.

Love resides in our thoughts and fantasies. Love is something that stays with us long enough to create meaning and purpose in our daily lives, yet escapes us to preserve its singular and uncontained essence.

Even over time, love remains a transcendent and enigmatic force. I guess we can say that love is both comfortably intrusive and bewilderingly elusive, which is why we continue to pursue it.

Perhaps love’s enchantment, love’s allure, gives meaning to the pursuit, the process, and the journey. And journeying into love lies at the core of this work.

To journey into love is to create a shift in the dimensions of being and becoming. We become what we seek to be, but only if the thing we strive to become is guided by love.

If we desire to flourish as a species—to achieve our highest emotional and intellectual potentialities so as to imprint a holistic and ethical way of being and becoming on the world’s consciousness, then love, as a rational and actionable virtue, is the starting place. 

Our human connection is why we exist. Love is the source of all happiness, goodness, and compassion.

We are a family, and every person who walks this earth deserves to know love and experience love. We are better as a society when we choose love. Love is what gives meaning to our lives. Love says we share common values. Love helps us make sense of our world—of the unknown.

Once we begin to see others as an extension of ourselves—seeking to live the most truthful expression of being, it is at that moment we will become the most effective instrument for positive and lasting change. Could it be that the test of our continuance as a species is wrapped up in a single idea, and that is our ability to love?

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