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Don’t Trade in Your Cubicle…Not Just Yet

Before you trade in your cubicle and day job for the trenches of entrepreneurship (i.e., managing risk opportunities to make a profit):

  • Make sure you are in for the long and challenging haul.
  • Take time to consider your decision—reflect on what you are about to get into.
  • Remember, once you take that exit, there won’t be any rest stops or gas stations for many miles.

The life of an entrepreneur is filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and all manner of setbacks. There will be many days when you feel like retreating to your place of comfort. You will experience as many emotional highs as you will lows. The support you expected from some close friends and family members will be nonexistent. Monies will be spent long before hitting the bank account.

You will constantly be torn between feelings of regret and self-doubt. Throughout your journey, you will question your sanity with: “What the hell was I thinking?” Did I mention that you will be exhausted? Yes, your body will get tired, but I am talking about mental exhaustion that will push you to the breaking point. Life can literally change from having something to nothing in the blink of an eye. 

The upside to entrepreneurship is if the market responds favorably to your product, service, or idea, then all of your sacrifices would have been worth the time, money, and effort. No one will remember your failures, and everyone will celebrate your successes. Well, not everyone, but you get the point.

Like everything in life, you have the power to let your entrepreneurial endeavors sink you, or you can choose to use those experiences to rise to the top just as you were built to do.

Are you an entrepreneur? What obstacles did you have to overcome? And what were your most memorable aha moments?

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