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The Revolution of Love

The following is an excerpt from my latest project: “An Anthology of Love Quotes.” Click to get your copy today.

What is so revolutionary about love? Well, the simple answer is everything. The multifaceted answer is also everything. For love to be love, it has to be revolutionary. That is, the power of revolutionary love resides in it being taught, demonstrated, and practiced.

Revolutionary love is demonstrable. One cannot truly love unless we are committed to sacrificing our well-being to loving others unconditionally.

Revolutionary love is to uncover and discover. The uncovering is tied to self-love—embracing all of one’s imperfections and insecurities. And the discovering is to extend the same level of compassion to others—especially to those deemed to be undeserving.

Without revolutionary love, there can be no collective happiness, there can be no freedom, and there can be no peace.

Thank you for reading. I invite you to comment below. I’d love to hear your reaction to my thoughts.

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