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There Isn’t Anything Wrong With You

You are not the success you had hoped to become. You are still mired in credit card and student loan debt. You cannot get in shape no matter what diet you try.

You have not gotten that promotion you were promised. Your career has stalled. Your relationship with the person who was supposed to be “the one” has flamed out. You are still struggling to make ends meet.

You believed you would be further along by now, but life seems to be at a standstill.

We live in a society that sells the promise of a perfect life without struggle or effort. We are deluged with images of super success stories, glitz and glamour, physical and sexual vitality, and incredible financial wealth. And as if that is not enough, you peer into your concentric circles and see your coworkers, friends, peers, and family members, all of whom, seem to be living their best lives.

You are wondering why it can’t be you and when it will be your turn. You are thinking that something must be wrong with you.

Well, there isn’t anything wrong with you. Allow that thought to sink in.

There isn’t anything wrong with you [period].

You feel a certain way because you have been internalizing the wrong messages about your growth potential, leading to feelings of regret, guilt, and shame. Don’t beat yourself up about the past, about the things you cannot change.

The truth is, most of life happens outside of our frame of perception and is often out of focus. What you see around you are highlight reels. And highlight reels do not show the entire story. While some of the success stories are indeed authentic, many others, perhaps the majority, have been edited to give the illusion of success.

Regardless of your circumstances, when you make a promise to yourself to remove self-judgment, self-blame, and self-criticism, you will begin to realize that your story is still evolving.

Remember, your current situation does not determine your future and destiny. And the sooner you let go of all that negative energy, the sooner you will reclaim your life.

You are perfect just as you are.

Feel free to chime in. I’d love to hear from you. And be sure to get your copy of my latest book. Your support means the world to me.

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6 thoughts on “There Isn’t Anything Wrong With You

  1. Am reading Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’. She touches on this ‘not being enough’ and how she felt driven to be enough. In my life, it is opposite. Not being enough and realising no matter what I do, it won’t matter. Interesting how perspectives are so different!

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    1. Kris, I appreciate your insights. Building on what you shared, the idea of “not being enough” means something different for each person and was birthed from different circumstances. For some, negative cultural programming reinforced their sense of self. For others, it was an experience or series of experiences, real or perceived, that eventually led them to internalize “not being enough” as truth.

      In her book “A Return to Love,” Marianne Williamson shared that “In our natural state, we are glorious beings. [But] in the world of illusion, we are lost and imprisoned, slaves…Our jailer is a three-headed monster; one head our past, one our insecurity, and one our popular culture.”

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  2. Good food for thought. I think society has way more effect on us than we realize no matter our self-esteem and confidence levels. I don’t know that each of us is perfect as we are. I’m afraid that would lead to some self-delusion that would not do some people any good. That said, though, I will agree that accepting ourselves as we are and learning our limitations without feeling guilty or unhappy about it is definitely a means to reach a point where positive things begin to happen.

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