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Love Asks…

Love asks: “At what point should you forgive?”

Love asks: “At what point should you forgive others?”

Love asks: “At what point should you forgive yourself?”

Love asks: “Are you willing to unlearn and disconnect from old habits, values, and worldviews that have shaped your life?”

Love asks: “How deep is your attachment to material things?”

Love asks: “How much space are you creating in your life to allow your humanity to shine through?”

Love asks: “When was the last time you stopped to listen to what your intuition was telling you?”

Love asks: “How much time do you spend daily honoring your body?”

Love asks: “What do you love about yourself?”

Love asks: “What does it mean to be human?”

Love asks: “What is your life’s sacred blueprint?”

Love asks: “Would others be able to identify your true self—your innermost being—if you were placed in a lineup?“

Love asks: “What happened to your heart that made you into the person you are today?”

Love asks: “Is it possible to be completely transparent?”

Love asks: “Is there such a thing as healthy aggression?”

Love asks: “Is it possible that the active pursuit of happiness is the leading cause of unhappiness?”

Love asks: “What does it take for a person to become spiritual?”

Love asks: “What if death is really the end?”

Love asks: “At what point do self-preservation and selfishness converge with each other?”

Love asks: “Is a person born spiritual, or is spirituality something one seeks after to become?”

Thank you for reading. I invite you to comment below. I’d love to hear your reaction to my thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Love Asks…

  1. I often find myself asking and answering many of these questions. Many are also left unanswered but I constantly seek the answers. Very inspirational as always sir.

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    1. Hey Jawan. Thanks for sharing. Like you, I believe each of us finds ourselves asking more questions than we have answers for. Perhaps, that’s the mystery of life…always seeking to know while finding ways to persevere. However, in the absence of information, the brain tends to fill in the blanks, oftentimes with incomplete data points, leading to anxiety and stress. Even so, we can train our minds to adapt to life’s circumstances without having to discover or uncover all of the answers. Sometimes, the beauty of life lies in not knowing.


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