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Love Says… [Part 3]

Love says: “Take time to be.”

Love says: “The relationship with yourself sets the tone for the rest of your journey.”

Love says: “Embrace your inner beauty.”

Love says: “Be proud of who you are.”

Love says: “Be proud of the person you are becoming.”

Love says: “Being human is complicated.”

Love says: “Blossom where you are planted.”

Love says: “You are not just another face in a crowd.”

Love says: “Enjoy the beauty of becoming.”

Love says: “You do not have to validate your existence for anyone.”

Love says: “Treat yourself kindly.”

Love says: “You are not one in a million. You are one of one. There is no one else like you, nor will there ever be.”

Love says: “We owe it to ourselves.”

Love says: “See the beauty in being you.”

Love says: “We are interconnected and one with all life.”

Love says: “All life has dignity.”

Love says: “Every life is sacred.”

Love says: “The life and dignity of every person must be respected and protected.”

Love says: “Every person is worthy of honor and respect for who he or she is.

Love says: “Embrace all of you.”

Love says: “Give your body permission to exhale.”

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