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Dealing With Trauma [Part 1]

Love says: “When trauma survivors share their experiences, they are doing just that, sharing their experiences—without the desire for pity, advice, positivity, or hope. They simply want to be seen, heard, believed, and reassured that they are not alone.”

Love says: “Trauma is not a competition.”

Love says: “One person’s trauma should never be compared with another person’s trauma.”

Love says: “No one should be forced to retrieve his or her identity from trauma.”

Love says: “We can validate the experiences of survivors by not trying to fix their situation, and offer instead, a listening presence.”

Love says: “Adopting the mentality of ‘taking pride in suffering’ is detrimental to the nervous system and negates healing possibilities.”

Love says: “When it comes to trauma survivors, we ought to create environments of calm and connection rather than conditions of judgment, powerlessness, and ‘I know what’s best for you.’”

Love says: “There is no shortcut to healing for those who are burdened by the weight of a heart- wrenching event.”

Love says: “Your logic and perspective are never useful tools when it comes to supporting those experiencing trauma-induced anxiety or depression.”

Love says: “Fight the impulse to lead the conversation regarding another person’s traumatic experience(s).”

Love says: “We should resist the inclination to safeguard any religio-patriarchal tradition that holds human bodily expressions in contempt.”

Love says: “Sometimes, victims of physical and psychological trauma just need a soft place to land.”

Love says: “You can honor trauma survivors’ desire for security by bringing a non-judgmental presence into their space.”

Love says: “Sharing in the pain and suffering of others means not judging them for what they have gone through.”

Love says: “Realize that not every trauma survivor comes through their ordeal emotionally intact.”

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4 thoughts on “Dealing With Trauma [Part 1]

  1. Love says: Come to me all you who are burdened or heavy laden with fear, depression or disappointment and I will give you rest. (Sorry – couldn’t resist adding my own!) 🙂

    I love the very first sentence, especially “…They (trauma survivors) simply want to be seen, heard, believed, and reassured that they are not alone”.

    Thank you for sharing this extract from your book. I’m so in love with your cover! 🙂


    1. Hi Carol. I appreciate your contribution and compliment. ☺️ Many who find themselves dealing with traumatic experiences are often searching for an unconditioned promise of welcome. It is up to those of us who are gatekeepers to respond with love and compassion.

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