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The Revolution of Love [Part 2]

The Revolution of Love: Love begins with compassion.

The Revolution of Love: The only way we can overcome our proclivity for indifference is to have a resolute mind bent on loving others indiscriminately—regardless of one’s social class or status.

The Revolution of Love: When you consider the Golden Rule, it’s really about helping others experience some feeling of normalcy—the desire to belong and feel accepted.

The Revolution of Love: Make a commitment each day to love yourself more fully and completely.

The Revolution of Love: Equality is a human issue.

The Revolution of Love: Denying ourselves love is the root of all violence. It’s the little acts of love that can help us overcome hate and intolerance.

The Revolution of Love: Compassion is not just an intellectual experience; it is a living and breathing phenomenon intent on helping others live their best lives and reach their highest potentialities.

The Revolution of Love: Let’s engage in uplifting one another.

The Revolution of Love: Open your heart to the least fortunate among us through random acts of kindness.

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3 thoughts on “The Revolution of Love [Part 2]

    1. Kris, you’re right. We’re living in an unprecedented age of polarization where it’s “us against them.” If someone does not subscribe to another’s philosophical worldview, then “that person”…”those people” are deemed the enemy.

      It’s sad actually when one’s ideology is assigned a greater value than one’s humanity. What’s even more despicable is witnessing elected leaders modeling divisive and intolerant behaviors.

      The thought I’m left with, is: Where do we go from here?

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