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Practice Is The Ultimate Outcome

It is no secret that one of the keys to sustainable success is deliberate practice. Practice is what makes you better, period!

What does it mean to practice? To practice is to engage in the daily ritual (and discomfort) of an activity in order to grow and improve.

If you notice, the definition does not mention an outcome because disciplined practice in itself will naturally evolve into an inevitable result.

A few months back, at the end of a shift, my crew and I walked toward the gate where our vehicles were parked outside the construction area. On the way there, one of the guys suggested that we stop at a high bar and do some pull-ups.

The first guy went up and did nine classic front hand pull-ups. The next guy who followed did sixteen. For a second, I thought to myself, “That’s it? That’s all you guys got? I can beat you whipper-snappers.” But I knew better. Classic front hand pull-ups were not part of my exercise routine; therefore, I did not have any advantage, not even over a twenty-something-year-old who could barely muster nine.

I have since included pull-ups as part of my weekly exercise routine. And I can now semi-comfortably do twenty-five. It took weeks of daily practice to get to twenty-five, and it will be several more weeks before I can get to thirty and so forth. Keep in mind there are world-record holders like David Goggins who can do 41 pull-ups every fifteen minutes.

We often look for success at the end of the rainbow, but that is not where success is found. Success is found on the journey to the end of the rainbow.

Success shows up in the things we consistently practice and in the habits we fearlessly adopt. Practicing—becoming better each day—is the ultimate success outcome.

A few additional “must-haves” for success…

  • Having the right attitude: “I will surround myself with positive influences. I will channel my inner voice to focus only on the things that make me feel good about myself.”
  • Sticktoitiveness: “Here’s what I will do every day.”
  • Gratitude: “I will water every corner of my life. I will experience life as a gift.”

In what ways has your life improved because of practice? Do share; I’d love to hear from you.

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