Personal Development

Five Lessons I Learned Today

Here are five lessons I learned today.

  1. Momentum. In order to build momentum, you have to build momentum. That is, how much you move forward is determined by the act of moving forward. To propel your best self forward, it necessitates increasing the activities that can help you reach your goals and decreasing or eliminating those that hold you back.
  2. Imagery. What images come to your mind when you think about success? Does the thought of winning give you anxiety? Or does the thought of winning motivate you? If you cannot see your vision of success and feel good about it, then you’ll never reach your goals. The clearer your picture of success, the more attainable it will be.
  3. Time. The way you use your time will determine what you get to enjoy in life. As you go through your day, take inventory of the things that are consuming your time without offering an equal or greater exchange of value. Once you have identified your priorities, go all-in to execute those ideas, objectives, plans, and goals.
  4. Address your fears. The things you are afraid of doing or committing to will not come to you. If you have fear relating to writing a book, then you will never become a published author. Ask yourself daily: “What would I do today if I were not afraid?” Then remind yourself that you are worthy of success. You deserve to live your best life.
  5. Take control of your finances. Unless you are a mega-billionaire, you cannot afford not to live on a budget. Budgeting: (1) Allows you to forecast and plan ahead: (2) Keeps you focused on needs instead of wants; (3) Prevents unnecessary spending and debt; (4) Helps you save for important events like an emergency savings account, investment property, retirement, vehicle, or vacation.

What lessons did you learn and apply today?

Featured Image: Thunder (my daughter’s cat). Isn’t he beautiful? 😊

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