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Another Day Of Learning

Today was another great day of learning.

My day started off with a visit to a farm where I had a meeting with an architect preparing site plans. This project was unexpected and grew from a relationship I had built one year ago, almost to date.

As a new building contractor, a lesson I am quickly learning is the value of networking—with the right individuals and companies. One solid lead can generate work that can last for months. Building the right relationships can also help save on costs. Someone might recommend distributors or suppliers whose prices are lower than their competitors. And the lower the project costs, the higher my profit margin will be.

On a somber note, the dogs in the featured picture, along with four other siblings, escaped their fenced yard, and one was struck by a vehicle. He, unfortunately, did not survive. And to make matters worse, another sibling remains missing. The owners have since re-secured the fencing and added other protections, which should prevent the dogs from escaping again.

On my way home from the farm, I listened to an interview with Bob Proctor, who shared some success gems. He first spoke of the importance of discovering one’s purpose. Bob also discussed that most people are only one idea away from experiencing life’s best rewards. A person will not reach his or her full potential unless he or she commits to a goal without giving up.

The point that really spoke to me was the necessity of shifting one’s paradigm before sustainable success can be achieved. That is, a person will continue to operate within certain limitations unless he or she extricates him or herself from old patterns of thinking.

New thinking equals new results.

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