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We Attract What We Think About

The Law of Attraction

Do we truly attract to ourselves what we want and wish? The answer is yes.

First, let’s clothe the word “thought” with a workable definition. Although there is no definitive conclusion as to how “thought” is defined or understood, it has been agreed that a thought is the product of mental activity. We also know that thoughts are the basis of human actions and interactions.

Another way to look at thought is to think of it as a frequency that processes, transmits, and attracts information or frequencies. A thought is an information carrier or frequency that transmutes desires, dreams, goals, intentions, wishes, and wants into corresponding actions.

When you think a thought, that action is called neural firing or frequency signaling. Once a thought is considered, a signal is sent to and received by a correlated signal. Receptor molecules then bind themselves to the signaling frequency or thought and coordinate a series of neuro-electrochemical reactions invoking corresponding responses in the body.

What starts off as one thought leads to another thought, with thoughts combining into a stream of thoughts. Those predominant thoughts then wrap themselves in the most convenient form to produce one of two outcomes—a creative outcome or a destructive outcome.

The Takeaway

In essence, whatever you think about, you not only attract but also manifest.

That is, something is recorded in the mind, then something is played back in reality. The events that come to fruition form behavior patterns that most people do not escape—self-fulfilling prophecies.

Our lives are a reflection of what we hold and process inside. Don’t allow your thoughts to block you from a life of happiness. Residing within your being is the creative power to manifest the life you desire and deserve to live.

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