Paradigm Shift

The Intuitive Nudge

Have you ever had an intuition to do something but did not follow through, and later regretted that decision?

What If…?

I remember when Tesla’s stock price was $69.97 (adjusted for stock split). At that time, I had access to $150k, and my gut (intuition) was telling me to buy, buy, buy. I thought long and hard about taking the plunge, going all in.

I really wanted to execute that transaction, but my risk-averse nature would not let me. My instincts guided me to a tremendous opportunity, but I chose to remain firmly planted in my secured reality.

My First “What If” Moment

Two decades earlier, I worked for the RadioShack company in Westwego, Louisiana. Although I was a part-time employee, I was the store’s top-selling rep. Working around electronics all day gave me lots of new ideas about how to improve certain products. There was one product in particular I obsessed continuously about. I thought that technology could be significantly improved.

So I started drawing various product designs and many more iterations of those designs until I came up with a wireless version of the first drawing. My unabated excitement could not be contained.

The next day, as soon as I entered our electronics cathedral, our haven of technology and applications, I shouted, “Jason, Jason, you gotta see this, you gotta see this. I think I figured it out.” Jason was the geekiest dude I’d met up to that point in my life, and I just knew he would be bursting with exuberance as I was regarding this new invention.

As Jason carefully scanned the renderings, I looked through his glasses into his eyes, waiting for that burst of excitement that would show up at any minute. One minute passed by. Two minutes passed by, then five, then ten minutes. It would take Jason approximately ten minutes to tell me that my idea was shit.

At first, I thought he was kidding. But Jason was not one to joke around. He was serious. And his face and body language confirmed every bit of his disinterest. In my mind, if Jason believed a concept was shit, it was because the concept was shit.

Time would prove Jason wrong. And the rest is history. You know how the story goes. Some of you are probably reading this post while listening to your favorite tunes via wireless earphones.

There Are Many Paths

My instincts guided me to a breakthrough idea, and I missed my moment. For whatever reason, I chose not to listen to that voice in my head. The interesting part about all of this was that I knew how to navigate the prototype and patent process as I already had a patent under my belt.

Now, let’s be clear. It is easy to believe that following an intuitive nudge means something remarkable is waiting for us on the other end—that some life-changing event will take place. Well, that is not always the case. Intuition, like other mind’full’ happenings, can lead to divergent paths—manifesting infinite realities.

Your Turn

What did you think? Anything resonates with you in particular? Looking forward to your comments as always.

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