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Unplugging From Social Media For Good…?

Staying connected with family and friends via social media platforms can be a wonderful experience.

For many businesses, having a social media presence is the best way to expose their brand, products, and services to a large pool of people and develop new customer leads.

With the direction technology is headed, “more people are shifting away from traditional media sources for their news and are moving more towards social media and messaging services to find the news.

I mentioned the above three things to highlight that social media can be used as an instrument of tremendous good. And for the most part, social media serves its purpose exceptionally well.

If that is the case, why am I signing off social media? Well, it boils down to the following reasons.

First, there is the productivity rationale. I have noticed that I am much more effective when my focus is singular—when I am locked in on one activity at a time to its completion. Trying to accomplish a task while aimlessly scrolling or searching for a reason to post or respond to someone’s post just seems counterproductive to my goals and reduces efficiency.

I am signing off social media to free up my time to experience more reflective and contemplative moments. The constant escaping from or running to, on the treadmill of life, leaves little time for self-discovery, for introspection—figuring out what about one’s life, i.e., thoughts, feelings, processes, judgments, and perceptions, that need to change or be improved.

The third and final reason for unplugging from social media centers on meaningful relationships. Although most of the people I follow on social media are classmates from elementary, junior high, and high school, I don’t know that I can genuinely and truthfully say these folks are my friends. If the only commonality between two people is where they attended school, that does not seem to check the box as a meaningful relationship.

My life’s satisfaction comes from waking up every day, exercising, engaging in my main hustle, reflecting on what worked and what did not, contemplating on fulfilling my highest potential, living more holistically, spending quality time with my family, and writing about topics that interest me, whether that’s for a blog or book idea.

So, unless something eventful occurs between now and December 31, 2021, I will be staying off social media for an entire year. By eventful, I mean receiving a 7-10 figure multi-year contract that requires social media engagement.

I plan to share my “social media unplugging” experience via this blog. While I have not forecasted what this experience will be like, I’m sure there will be some incredible aha moments.

If you would like to get a copy of my latest work, click the link below. And while you’re at it, I would very much appreciate it if you took a couple of minutes to leave a review. Your support means the world to me. Thank you!


Featured image: Alexander J. Leon

17 thoughts on “Unplugging From Social Media For Good…?

  1. I loved everything about this post! I have also been thinking of taking a social media break, apart from blog. This is very inspiring and thank you for sharing your future progress. I’m looking forward to reading:)

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    1. Thank you for expressing your beautiful appreciation. Another reason for unplugging, which I did not mention in the post, is centering, which involves heightening my focus and awareness, raising my positive vibrations, and expanding the energy fields in and around me. Just a more intentional existence. BB.

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  2. Great reasons to sign off social media and I commend you for it. It’s such a distraction these days, often taking us away from truly living in the moment. Good for you. I’ll look forward to following your progress on WP. Warmest wishes to you.

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    1. Hi Miriam. Wow, you know what’s fascinating? I was just on your page reading your post “Celebrating Love,” which was so poetically and beautifully captured. I think it’s awesome that you are still putting out great content. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Btw, Happy Anniversary. ☺️

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    1. Hi Sue. I appreciate you stopping by. Yes, I plan to share my progress. I also added my social media widgets on my page just in case folks want to peep in to see how committed I am to this goal. This is just another way of holding myself accountable. 😊

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      1. Kudos to you! I think more of us should take your challenge. Not sure I could do it. I love & hate it at the same time. Looking forward to your progress.

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  3. I’ll wish you good luck, though I don’t expect you’ll need it. I think it’s not a bad idea to unplug from social media for many reasons that include those you mentioned. Another reason would be the propaganda engine that social media fuels and thrives in. Upon some reflection as I read your post and type this now, I have to admit that there has been considerable stress in my life due to the crap social media has heaped on me and others in my social media circle. I think I will consider, at least, a significant reduction in my access to social media. I look forward to reading about your life experience without social media.

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    1. Hi Scott. Thank you for being supportive. You are on point in that “computational propaganda and social media manipulation have proliferated massively in recent years.” Would you believe that there is such a thing as Digital Propaganda Expert jobs? Companies are hiring these experts to advance their agendas, and social media is the perfect tool for worldwide dissemination. I’m glad you are considering reducing your access to social media. Best wishes to you.

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  4. Great perspective. I usually take a social media break for two to four weeks to give myself a “fresh” start to the new year but now you have me thinking. You made some very valid points that have me contemplating doing the same. I’m looking forward to hearing the highs and the lows (if any).

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