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You Don’t Need More Motivation, You Need This Instead

Why Motivation Is Important In Life

Motivation is the energy that keeps one chugging along toward his or her dreams and goals. There is no purpose in life where motivation is nonexistent. Without motivation, one cannot achieve anything of significance.

There are no victories without motivation. We persist in solving problems and finding solutions on account of motivation. So, it is no surprise that people do much better work when they are motivated. Creativity, high-level production, and efficiency are byproducts of motivation.

Why Do People Struggle With Motivation?

You would think factors such as fear, self-sabotaging behaviors, not knowing one’s purpose, or feeling overwhelmed are reasons people experience demotivation. But none of those reasons explain why motivation comes and goes for so many people.

There is something else about motivation you should know. People struggle with motivation because motivation is a secondary force that is dependent on a primary force. Motivation was neither designed nor intended to be inexhaustible.

Motivation is a fleeting state, meaning motivation is short-lived. Motivation is conditional and needs constant refreshing. Motivation works optimally when a person is in a particular mental or emotional state, e.g., contentment, carefreeness, exuberance, or pleasure.

Think of motivation as an accelerant that can increase the development and speed of a chemical process but is also consumed by the process. Like what petroleum distillates are to fire.

Moving From Demotivation to Motivation

The key to staying motivated is discipline. Discipline is a primary force. Bob Proctor maintains that discipline is giving yourself a command and following it up with action. Jim Rohn once said, “The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline.”

Discipline is a mental state of being. Discipline is a choice—it is a daily, carefully considered decision to commit to a goal with dogged determination and resoluteness.

Discipline is a crucial and necessary component for success in that it optimizes one’s life for maximum creativity and productivity.

If you can master discipline, then you will always find a way to accomplish your goals and create new and meaningful experiences for yourself and others. With discipline, there are no limits—you can have from life whatever you want.

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need More Motivation, You Need This Instead

  1. I can relate to this. I’ve spent years chasing the magic motivation. I finally just buckled down and started doing what I wanted to do step by step. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in unmotivated, small, sequential chunks. 🙂 Thanks for this.

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