Paradigm Shift

You’re Not Stuck [Part 1]

I remember going to the beach with my dad. I might have been 12 years old at that time, but I’ll never forget the experience. After we had parked our vehicle, we proceeded toward the beach and encountered a person sitting not too far from the shore whose look of despondency made one assume the worst.

We thought some dreadful tragedy had befallen this man. Perhaps, someone had drowned, maybe a friend, or worse, a family member. My dad stopped to inquire from this dejected soul what was wrong.

The man explained to my dad that his vehicle had been stuck in the sand near the shore for several hours, and he was concerned that his wife might be thinking something terrible had happened to him.

My dad asked the guy to point him in the direction of his stuck vehicle, which the guy excitedly did. When we got to the vehicle, I expected my dad to send my brother and me back to our vehicle to get his patented rescue-chain equipment, something we’d used countless times to extricate folks in similar situations. Instead, my dad sent us to retrieve a tire gauge.

To our amazement, after walking around and looking under the vehicle, my dad told the man, “Oh, your truck is not stuck.”

The man fixed his gaze on my dad with a look of bewilderment and displeasure. “Have you gone mad? Of course, it’s stuck. It’s been stuck for hours. I have tried everything, and nothing has worked.” His mouth turned down in a frown at my dad’s words.

“Trust me, man, you’re not stuck.” My dad calmly repeated himself in his strong French-Creole accent.

The increasingly disturbed man scoffed and responded, “Bro, do you have any chains or what?”

“You don’t need chains,” my dad retorted.  

My brother and I looked at each other and concluded that our dad was perhaps teasing, which he was known to do, or he misjudged the situation entirely. The truck’s tires were more than half-way covered by sand, so in our minds, the vehicle was stuck.

To be continued…

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