Paradigm Shift

You’re Not Stuck [Part 2]

Continued from [You’re Not Stuck, Part 1]…

My dad told the guy to get in the vehicle, start it, and engage the 4×4. The guy yelled at my dad, saying that he’d tried that and it did not work. My dad repeated the instructions, and the guy reluctantly went along. My dad then instructed my brother and me to partially deflate all four tires, which we happily raced to do.

Once the tires were sufficiently deflated to ~16 psi, the guy put the vehicle in drive, and lo and behold; the truck moved forward with such ease that you would not have known it was “stuck.”

Life Lessons

So, was this vehicle stuck? Yes and no. To the vehicle’s owner, his truck was irretrievably stuck. To my dad, the vehicle was perfectly positioned.

On that day, we learned that reduced tire pressure increases the size of the tires’ footprint, which provides greater traction, making it easier for a vehicle to maneuver across the sand safely.

Like this gentleman, many people believe themselves to be hopelessly stuck in life—stuck at a dead-end job, stuck in financial insecurity, stuck in a failed relationship, stuck in a circle of people who do not value winning, stuck in their comfort zone.

When a person believes him or herself to be stuck, what’s happening is that person is spending time focusing on what is not working. Because that guy believed he was stuck, he was stuck. And that one idea, that singular moment, became his reality.

How Do You Become ‘Unstuck?’

The answer lies in changing your perspective. It starts right there, in your mind—a paradigm shift.

Let’s say you struggle to find true love. In this case, you ought to paint a picture in your mind about the kind of relationship and person you want. Write down every quality you wish this person to have. Do you want someone from a small town or a prestigious family? What physical features excite you? How will the two of you meet? Feel the emotions and capture all the happy moments you will experience with this individual—the first date, the first embrace, the first kiss, planning your future together.

Suppose you have a goal to earn an additional $200,000 a year, which is ~$3,847 a week. In that case, you’d create a mental reality where money comes to you in unexpected and increasing quantities. Imagine yourself dressed up in your nicest garb, walking into your bank every week. Feel the blissful emotions as the bank clerk deposits the money into your account.

If you hold on to an idea in your mind long enough, you will begin to reprogram your brain to produce the thoughts and emotions that will drive your actions to their intended outcomes.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Whatever you believe to be real will become your reality.

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7 thoughts on “You’re Not Stuck [Part 2]

    1. Hi Peter. I love how you simplified and captured the essence of the post. Unless we are amendable to change regarding our mental approach and underlying assumptions, there isn’t much about our reality that will improve. Lewis Schenk argues that paradigm shift is the most profound, transformative and growth-causing thing one can do for themselves.

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