Paradigm Shift

Your Wish Is My Command

What if a supernatural being approached you and granted you one wish, any wish, something you have always wanted? Would you ask for that thing?

Rather than starting this new year with a host of resolutions, what if we locked in on one thought, one idea, and dedicated the entire year to actively engaging that thought? In my mind, that is the equivalent of a Jinn granting you a wish.

As humans, we are the creators of our worlds. It should come as no surprise to you that your life is the result of your thoughts. Therefore, to change your reality to the one you prefer, start thinking higher-level positive thoughts.

We can construct any reality we desire, and this is no exaggeration. Any idea you hold in your mind will come to pass. Any wish you command will come true.

Your thoughts are energy, your words are energy, and your actions are energy. And energy is always moving into form—tangible outcomes in physical reality. The first step in having your wish granted is to have a wish. Do you know what you want? What is it that you really desire?

The second step is to articulate your wish clearly. It is not enough to say, “I want to earn more money.” Doesn’t everyone? How much money do you want to earn? Is it one dollar? Or is it one hundred thousand dollars?

The third step, which is perhaps the most critical step, is to form positive mental imageries related to your wish. The more positive your thoughts, the higher your vibrational frequency, which increases your powers of creation. In essence, the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your results. And the quality of your results determines the quality of your life.

Now that you have shifted your mindset to a higher positive frequency, the last step is to watch the seed (thought) grow. That means you have done your part to create the necessary conditions for the seed’s germination and optimal growth. Seeds, like thoughts, have within themselves the evolutionary wisdom and potential for self-reproduction.

Ask yourself daily what kind of energy are you bringing to the table of life.

In this new year, set a radically higher standard for yourself as it relates to your thinking. Unleash your inner strength, harness the incredible power within, and direct all of your energy toward intentional living.

The Universe wishes to grant you your heart’s desires. And it is up to you to harmonize every cell in your being with life’s grand design and purpose.

So, what do you wish for?

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and read this post. I hope you found it useful.

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3 thoughts on “Your Wish Is My Command

  1. I love this! You are totally speaking my language. I wish for many things and most of them have to do with creating love, joy and abundance in a more beautiful, compassionate world. We ARE the creators. Happy new year. Here’s to wishes becoming reality.

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    1. Hi Miriam. I’m so grateful for your kindness. Our happiness is often tied to what we wish for. I’d venture to say that most of our reality is molded by our wishes and ‘non-wishes.’ So continue creating and sharing love, joy, and abundance, and making the world a better place. Wishing you all the best in this new year. ☺️

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