Paradigm Shift

Darkness Is Not A Burden

Life’s most wondrous creations are birthed in darkness.

Think about a seed. One of the conditions necessary for the germination of a seed is darkness. The earth’s darkness nurtures a seed with these three essentials: heat, moisture, and air. Without darkness, a seed loses its vegetative powers.

Stars are formed from within the stellar nursery of a galaxy’s black hole. You are I, and every other human since the dawn of time were developed and nourished in the comfort, safety, and calm of darkness. Our wildest dreams are awakened in darkness.

Contrary to the popularized falsehoods we have been fed to believe, darkness, like light, is not a burden and is neither good nor evil, and neither good nor bad.

The things we find repulsive about ourselves should not be carried through life like a millstone or punishment that renders escape impossible. The dark spots of our character that make us cringe are not all permanent stains.

Here’s the thing. Each of us carries around a bit of darkness. We always will. We are all damaged and broken in one way or another. Despite the sanctuary we find in “overcoming” or “becoming,” the new person we hope to grow into will not escape carrying the weight of some darkness.

The beautiful thing about life is that it is ever-evolving. Life is experienced in rhythmical alternations of ups and downs, highs and lows—cycles of missteps and precision, fear and courage, darkness and…less darkness.

The key to a meaningful life is learning to live with your history—the idealized and the flawed—every narrative that makes up your story.

So, don’t judge yourself too harshly. Don’t judge yourself based on the thought of not being good enough. Don’t judge yourself during the dark nights of the soul. For it is in the darkness that you will experience your greatest transformation and be remade into the most glorious, powerful, and enduring version of you.

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Featured image: Alan Simas

7 thoughts on “Darkness Is Not A Burden

    1. Indeed. Repressing the things we don’t like about ourselves certainly makes matters more toxic. Acknowledging there is a dark side enables one’s deepest fears and negative experiences to be set free. Thanks for adding value to the conversation.

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