Paradigm Shift

Delusions Coming To Life

There is a thin line between dreams and delusions. Says, who? Hmm…

We, dreamers, dream because we seek meaning. We value happiness. And we embrace purpose.

We, dreamers, dream because we have chosen the path less-traveled. Now, do not get it twisted. It is not like we intentionally decided to traverse a path littered with explosive landmines. No, no. That is certainly not the case.

When we started our journey, we intended to make it from one point to another point safely. We understood the dangers of taking too much risk. That bit was abundantly clear. But along our journey, we realized something. We learned that there are more hidden dangers by playing it safe.

The thing about playing it safe is that danger creeps up on you unsuspectingly. It builds up over time, like ice slowly accumulating on an aircraft’s wings, eventually rendering the airfoils useless. Playing it safe is a silent killer of dreams. And you only become aware of them when you are stuck—when it’s too late.

We, dreamers, dream because we want something more out of life. We want to leave our imprint on the world’s consciousness. We want to live a life that is worth remembering.

To the outside—to the non-dreamers, our dreams do look like delusions. They do appear improbable and impossible. That is understandable because our dreams are not discernible to the naked eyes. But, tell me, why should our dreams be anything less than magnificent and awe-inspiring?

Here’s the takeaway. Don’t allow anyone, or yourself for that matter, to put a damper on your dreams. Dive into your dreams, ambitions, and purpose unapologetically. Focus your energy on the life you want and go after it with all your heart, mind, and soul.

If nothing else, dreams are delusions that have been given a purpose.

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Featured Image: Eddie Barron

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