Paradigm Shift

There Are No ‘Wrong Turns’

The Fortuitous Moment

As part of her training to run her first full marathon, Meredith Fitzmaurice ran half-marathon races. At one of those events, namely the Run for Heroes Marathon, Meredith planned to do what she had successfully done at similar races, and that was to complete the half marathon route.

Meredith and other runners lined up at the starting line and began this grueling race. At some point along the route, she glanced at her watch and wondered where the finish line was, as the run seemed longer than usual.

Moments later, Meredith realized she had taken the wrong turn. She asked a bike marshal, in fairness to the other runners, if her time would count toward the 26.2-mile full marathon route. The race official and the race director determined no rules were violated, thus giving Meredith the green light to continue the race.

After 3 hours, 11 minutes, and 48 seconds, Meredith crossed the finish line in 10th place.

The story gets better. Meredith did not just cross the finish line. She won the women’s race two minutes ahead of the second-place woman, capturing the women’s title in the process. What started as a wrong turn qualified Meredith to participate in one of the world’s preeminent annual marathons—the Boston Marathon.

The Takeaway

It was not a coincidence Meredith won her race. Before Meredith laced her running shoes that morning, she visualized herself crossing the finish line. Meredith’s goal was to run a full marathon, and her reality became a reflection of what she believed would happen.

At the very moment Meredith decided to complete the full marathon, the universe bestowed on her what she had previously sown into the universe. Her thoughts, goals, and dreams materialized into reality in a most poetic fashion—in ways she could not have scripted.

To achieve the best results related to your goals, you must see success as already yours. Make it a habit to ask for what you want, expect what you desire to come to fruition, then act as though you have already received it.

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Featured image: DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star

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