Goodbye…For Now

When it comes to making big decisions, I usually take time to think things through. Regarding my decision to stop blogging, however, this was something I just thought of as I was writing this post.

The idea of stopping something midstream does feel a bit strange. I wish I had a ‘perfect’ reason or explanation to justify my decision, but I do not have one.

My schedule hadn’t gotten any busier. I’m working twenty hours less a week than what I’m accustomed to. So time is not a factor here. And there have not been any minor or significant events in my life that could have triggered this decision.

I just don’t feel like writing anymore. Of course, I might wake up feeling differently and resume sharing words of inspiration as if nothing of significance transpired.

Earlier this month, I wrote about unplugging from social media for this entire year. Part of my rationale for doing so centered on my desire to experience more reflective and contemplative moments.

It could be that I am pulling away for the same reason and want to enjoy more resonant contemplative moments in the sanctuary of my soul.

I’m not sure if this decision is part of a bigger unknown picture. Regardless, I will trust my intuition and go with the flow of life.

If I were to describe my feelings as of this moment, I would say I am feeling a bit melancholy mainly because I will miss the connection I have built with so many of you—extraordinary women and men I’ve come to admire.

To those who have graced my blog with your kind words, I say thank you. I see you.

Well, that’s it. Take good care. I now sign off by sending you my best wishes.

Continue to live life to the fullest.

Josiah Samuel Harry (josiah.harry@gmail.com)

Featured image: Ian Snape

24 thoughts on “Goodbye…For Now

    1. Hey Bea. I’m still not sure if I truly want to stop blogging. As of this moment, however, I am at peace with my decision. Life seems to be leading me in a different direction, and I am going along. Who knows, the universe might lead me back here.

      You’ve been a continuous source of inspiration and I appreciate you. Have fun and be safe on your adventures.

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    1. Hi Kelley. Yes, we’re certainly on a journey of exploration, and I am happy to be traveling on paths and to paths unknown. Thank you for gracing this space with insight and thoughtfulness. You’re awesome!


  1. Sometimes, Josiah, writing for others also helps people sort out things inside themselves. Sometimes, though, there comes a time when that internal dialogue of the soul needs quiet, solitude and the kind of expansiveness which externalising the dialogue can suppress. I don’t know whether you will see this comment, Josiah. Whether you do or you do not, may I wish you well in the next stage of your journey, hoping to ‘meet’ you again sometime in the future. Take good care…

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    1. Hi Alison. You’ve captured so many beautiful gems here. I especially gravitated to “the soul needs quiet, solitude…” Yes, yes, and yes.

      I don’t believe I’m going away for good. I see my absence as a hiatus…however long that might take. I remain open to whatever the universe has in store for me. And yes, we shall meet again. All the best to you!

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      1. And to you! I’m glad you only see this as a hiatus. I’ve been quiet for over a year now, and posted something that came out today because I felt moved to say something again and wanted to explain a little. I’m happy with that. Having a hiatus means the possibility of engaging again… Take good care Josiah. I’ve enjoyed our interactions and hope life leads you on many interesting, rewarding byways which lead to increased internal peace and external contentment.

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    1. Hey Dawn. I’m most grateful for your kind words. And yes, I won’t be writing on this platform for the foresable future. I’m also off social media. I’m still spending a few hours each day writing and developing my craft. Hopefully, something magical comes out of it. Continue reaching for the stars and living the life of your dreams. 😊🙏🏽


  2. I know the feeling of “not feeling like writing anymore”. I have a stack of unpublished articles that just have not come together like I wanted. And I beat myself up for not getting them done. Much respect for listening to your heart. All the very best! 🙏

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