Bread Pudding And The Search For A Co-Founder

Bread Pudding And The Search For A Co-Founder

One of the most rewarding aspects of business meals is the unpredictable nature of conversations—the verbal and paralinguistic reactions, the alternating  agreeing, backchanneling, showing interest, clarifying, and the ambiguities that often need to be resolved. Doing business over an appetizing meal followed by delectable dessert options is a ritual that has existed for centuries. And [...]

How to Dominate a Competitive Industry

In 1996, while sporting giants Nike, Adidas, and Reebok were busy trying to outduel each other- developing new sports technology innovations in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage, little did they know was that someone else was working triple duty in his grandmother's basement stitching various fabrics together to create the ultimate alternative to [...]

A Producer Mindset-The New Business Currency

We live in a society where economic structures and systems are designed to provide massive benefits to certain groups of people, while limiting access to other groups. The current system has limited well-paying opportunities and very few openings as it relates to reaching the top professionally. Statistically, the odds are stacked incredibly high against us. [...]